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One Bad Ass Music Video

2014-05-21 15:28:11 by richja223


For some reason updating my page on this site seems to be a hassle for me for some reason. Please if you want to stay updated on what I do go to my Facebook page:

or my official website that has all of my pages in one spot:

I'll update my newgrounds page when I can, but it's a real bitch for no apparent reason.


Why the Fuck Can't I Update My Page?

"In Heaven (Everything's Alright)"

Every Monday at 10PM is a part in this series. So far one beat is done. Grab the beat, record something to it and let the world hear it!!!

Link in the video and video description.

Somewhere in time 2

2013-06-24 20:47:17 by richja223

hardcore busey

Somewhere in time 2

Somewhere in time

2013-05-19 15:11:17 by richja223

Somewhere in time

Somewhere in time

Richard J. Amtmann III

2013-05-04 22:03:19 by richja223

i'll be using the site again for uploading music.RICHARD J. AMTMANN III

enjoy my new material

Richard J. Amtmann III

Richard J. Amtmann III - Phase1 EP FREE DL UP!!!

2012-06-19 00:08:53 by richja223

Phase1 - E.P. <- ENJOY!

pushed up a week. links to come

Richard J. Amtmann III - Phase1 EP Jue 19th!!!!

it's coming.....

Richard J. Amtmann III - Phase1 EP Jue 26th COVER